Furr High School

Furr High School, a magnet school and Green Institute of the Houston Independent School District (HISD), currently offers high school students from across Houston the opportunity to study one of three educational pathways, including Environmental Communications, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency systems. The Green Institute Career and Technical Education programming, connects students to real world applications and promotes Linked Learning as “an educational approach that combines rigorous academics with hands-on learning and the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world experiences.”

The Green Institute also includes the Woodsy Owl Conservation Corps Green Ambassadors supported by the U.S. Forest Service Friends of the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas - Latino Legacy. The teachers and students at F.H.S., many of which live in the targeted neighborhoods, work closely with A&M researchers and are trained on data collection methods to perform ‘citizen science’ and experience place-based education. In 2015, the Green Ambassadors were awarded the highest honor of The United States Department of Agriculture with the Abraham Lincoln Award for Diversity, Outreach, and Inclusion.